Orbis: Data processing pipeline for your Earth Observation mission

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Take care of hardware, let us handle the data

Are you selling complete Earth Observation missions to your customer? We can help you to set up user requirements, select the right payload and provide ongoing data processing during the mission lifetime.

Get high-quality Earth Observation products

It is a winding path of data cleaning, normalization, transformation and distribution before you can safely use the image or pass them on to your customers. Orbis takes the downstream burden off of your shoulders.


Orbis is a powerful Earth Observation data processing platform for payloads, satellite missions or full constellations. It provides highly flexible and scalable image processing from raw to analysis-ready data or final products & analytics.

Our NewSpace approach

Lower processing costs

Modular processing pipelines

Processing chain security

Simple data access

Take your products further


Data fusion


Machine learning

Our typical customers

Sell complex service and let us manage the data.
Sell your product together with a data processing service.
Deliver the best results with our help in user requirements and payload design suited for specific use cases.