DynaCrop: Optimizing fertilizing, seeding and farm operations with satellite-based maps

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Get the innovative data for precision agriculture

Accurate data are fundamental for smart decision-making in farming. We provide prescription maps, crop monitoring, and field statistics are a critical component of every digital farming tool. We are continuously adding new features to pave the way in precision farming.

Let us handle the tech, just integrate and let the revenue flow!

Our API is easy to integrate and affordable. With the top hands-on documentation, we barely get any technical questions from our clients. As a DynaCrop user, you get access to plenty of satellite data information. Elevate farming decisions to the next level.

DynaCrop, your partner for fast growth

Increase farming productivity with satellite monitoring. Our whitelabel API is easy to integrate, reduces your business risk to minimum and boosts the value of your digital farming tool. At the end of the chain, DynaCrop considerably reduces the need for inputs from agronomists and farmers.

Benefits to end users

Up to €200/ha financial benefit

5-15% yield increase

15-40% resources saved in total

Less time-consuming operation planning

Benefits to partners

The cheapest pay-as-you-go option

Hands-on documentation: Swagger, Redoc

REST API, Python SDK, QGIS plugin, Leaflet, web app

Global coverage

Agronomic decision needs and DynaCrop’s answer

DynaCrop improves data-driven decisions in:

  • Prescription maps
  • Biomass and growth variability
  • Delineation of application zones
  • Long-term yield potential
  • Current state for in-season fertilizing
  • Representative locations for sampling
  • Long-term yield potential zones
  • Anomaly detection
  • Soil organic carbon
  • Soil moisture
  • Prescription maps
  • Long-term yield potential
  • Soil organic carbon
  • Soil moisture
  • Water erosion potential
  • Canopy moisture
  • Soil moisture
  • In-season development
  • Standing water detection
  • Drought monitoring
  • In-season vitality development
  • Plant discolouration
  • Plant defoliation
  • Crop damage detection
  • Crop phenology
  • Field statistics
  • Crop phenology assessment
  • Comparing seasons
  • Crop maturity for harvest
  • Canopy moisture for harvest