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Your Challenges, Our Solutions: Tailored Earth Observation Analytics

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We help you to design, execute and evaluate industry-specific geospatial projects. Let us solve the riddles that trick your mind.

Custom solutions

Our advanced data analytics is built on a solid platform of statistical and programmatic routines and it is thus both reliable and timely.

Our approach

Science-based data-driven methodology

Cloud-based analytics

Integration of your data

Predesigned modular blocks for efficiency

From large-scale to very detailed analysis

Large amount of Earth Observation inputs

Examples of specific needs and our customized solutions

  • Crop health and growth patterns
  • Crop damage extent
  • Soil carbon content
  • Variable organic fertilizing
  • Soil moisture
  • Tillage detection
  • Cover crop detection
  • Actual land cover
  • Historical land cover
  • Change detection
  • Climate predictions
  • Urban heat island
  • Flash flood hazard
  • Air pollution
  • Urban green
  • Air pollution
  • Urban development
  • Soil sealing
  • COVID pandemic effect on air pollution