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Smart agriculture

Crop monitoring, field and soil assessment, soil moisture and drought monitoring for farm management software, insurance companies or food security analysis. Fusion Sentinel1 and Sentinel 2 products.

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Smart cities

Evaluating sufficiency of urban green spaces, identifying urban heat islands, measuring build up areas, soil sealing or counting sustainability indicators for land use planning, climate change adaptation strategies or public involvement.

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Air pollution

Evaluating concentrations of NO2, SO2, CO, methan, formaldehyde, aerosols, PM2,5 and PM10 based on Sentinel 5p and Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service. Available for cities, countries or continents.


Analyzing and processing data, consulting and promoting use of Copernicus data and services. Experienced in work with Copernicus Climate Data Store, Copernicus Atmosphere Data Store, CLMS, EMS, EFFIS, GDO and others.

We are ready to help you integrate EU Copernicus data to your H2020 project or research idea. We act both as project partner and subcontractor. Do you have a new idea? Let us know about your vision and we can prepare the project proposal together.

About us

Giving meanings to data.

World from Space is a company focusing on the creation of applications based on Earth Observation (EO) and other data, especially from the Copernicus programme.

WFS has experience with EO data processing (multispectral, SAR), spatial and temporal data analysis, visualizations, machine learning and integrations into software platforms or GIS.

WFS fosters agile EO development with focus on activities that bring the most value in areas of agriculture, cities, air quality, development asiistance and the environment.

WFS participates on ESA contracts, H2020 research projects and consultations on the use of Copernicus data and services. World from Space is incubated in ESA BIC Brno, take part in Copernicus Incubator and is the winner of the Copernicus Masters 2018.

  • AWS, SentinelHub, CreoDIAS

  • Based on Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 fusion

  • Eo-learn, pytorch, tensorflow

  • Maps, stories, dashboards, graphs


Working hard to make progress

Jan Labohý

Co-founder, CEO
Jan has background in environmental sociology and communication studies, long term work in field of climate change mitigation and adaptation, and sales in corporate education.

Roman Bohovic

Co- founder, CTO
Roman is remote sensing expert focused on vegetation monitoring from Earth observations. He has worked in land surface phenology research with vegetation metrics and crop drought impact.

Veronika Nováková

Business development
Veronika is our business-grow guru. During her business studies, she realized that she wantes to create something that helps people and improves the world.

Mikuláš Muroň

Data analyst
Mikuláš is young and promising data analyst & data visualization expert. He is experienced in data mining, data visualization and spatial terms processing in unstructured text.

Simona Bočková

Intenational development & air quallity
She is an expert on international development issues and remote sensing. She has an experience in the non-profit sector and believe that the right technologies can make the world a better place.

Matúš Hrnčiar

Radar specialist
Matúš is a geologist, GIS and remote sensing specialist focused on use of satellite radar data for wide range of applications.

Jan Chytrý

Jan is a student of geoinformatics specializing on remote sensing. He studies at Masaryk University, he is a minimalist and he promotes environmental protection.

Kateřina Kührová

Environmental specialist
Kateřina is a graduate in Municipal Engineering. She is passionate about sustainable cities and innovative tools for them.

Petr Dlouhý

IT specialist

Damián Hruban

GIS, DEM, frontend
A multi-talented specialist with a passion for acting.

Who use our services

Main clients and partners

World from Space participates in the ESA Business Incubation Center Czech Republic.