Drought in Pilsen, 2018

We are developing the most beneficial satellite-based commercial drought assessment service for cities, regions, insurance companies and farmers in the EU. Our system will be able to measure real impacts of drought on vegetation and predict the scope and velocity of upcoming drought. Additionally, the system will use AI to efficiently place measures to mitigate further damage.

In Europe, drought is a recurrent phenomenon, affecting extended areas and large populations annually. With advancing climate change, droughts are likely to experience a much faster increase in severity and frequency of extreme events than other climate-related hazards.

The key challenge is to move from a reactive society fighting impacts to a pro-active society that is resilient and adapted to the drought risk.

While response is the present, resilience is the future.

Vegetation analysis, Prague, 2018

We are offering a complex solution for cities and regions,

including initial assessment, measures proposition to including initial assessment, proposing measures, monitoring, and long-term evaluation. We can offer our solution much faster. The first assessment and measure proposition is usually delivered in 4 weeks (assuming quick clients response).

We support rainwater infiltration and natural water retention. It aims to safeguard and enhance the water storage potential of landscape, soil, and aquifers, by restoring ecosystems, natural features and characteristics of water courses and using natural processes.

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