Who we are

We are a joyful lot full of inspiration and creativity. At the same time, we build an experienced team of geospatial, IT, agronomy and environmental experts. We are devoted to working always in line with positive Impact. Get to know us in detail!

Meet the leaders

Roman Bohovic


Meet our team

Martin Jakubec


Matúš Hrnčiar

Senior EO, data analysis

Mikuláš Muroň

software development

Simona Bočková

EO, data analysis

Peter Hapčo

Project management

Jan Chytrý

EO, Newspace

Ervin Csőke

Business development

Damián Hruban

EO, sustainable cities

Jan Göth

EO, precision agriculture

Vít Syrovátka

software development

Elizaveta Avoiani

EO, Newspace, sustainability

Hana Švedová

EO, Newspace, sustainability

Anna Ovesná

machine learning

Martin Roe

data analysis, EO

Jiří Janeček

software development

Matyáš Ludvík

data analysis, EO, ENVI