World from Space

World from Space is a geospatial SME company based in Brno, Czech Republic focusing on satellite-data analytics. The key expertise lies in cloud data processing (multispectral, SAR), spatial and temporal data analysis, visualizations, machine learning, and integrations into software platforms or GIS. We are passionate about merging deeptech with Earth sciences for regeneration of environmental, economical and social systems.

Our Mission

We are deeply passionate about merging deeptech and AI with Earth sciences for regeneration of environmental, economical and social systems.


Company's foundation

Environmental specialist and Earth Observation researcher went for a beer. A shared vision bound them to go on towards World from Space.


Copernicus Masters Winners

World from Space won the leading innovation competition for Earth Observation. We have proposed a system for drought measuring across Europe. The system is used within DynaCrop API for measuring soil moisture.


Getting the initial traction

We won the "EO DynaCrop - AI crop growth and drought monitoring for agricultural software" project and got a runway to think seriously about the product. We engaged with about a hundred stakeholders, tested the feasibility of key features, and laid the foundation for our current service. We also became a part of the prestigious European Space Agency Business Incubator.


Minimum viable product

We finished the initial development during the first waves of COVID pandemic and DynaCrop started to be used in Europe and Africa by first paying customers. We also took part in ESA contracts for food security for the World Bank, air quallity monitoring for the UNDP, and contributed to improving drought resilience in Ethiopia with the GIZ.


Thinking bigger

We found out we did not want to become just another small Earth Observation company so we increased our ambition to become a leading payer in the use of AI in EO. WFS has taken part in contracts for ESA, the Asian Development Bank and the Carribean Development bank regarding agriculture land census and the impact of a volcano eruption on agriculture production. We become one of 5 founding members of the Brno Space Cluster which provides big-game engineering services and cooperation on space projects. And we started designing downstream data processing pipelines for NewSpace missions.


Going international

We launched the second version of DynaCrop with new features and started promoting the service on an international level, including major ag fairs in France and Serbia. We explored our capabilities in regenerative agriculture and took part in the leading agrifood accelerator Masschallenge Switzerland. We started working on the data processing pipeline for a Czech national Earth Observation mission AMBIC with VZLU, and ESA. We were later awarded as the best Czech space startup by ESA BIC Czech Republic.


Fundraising and impact

We started fundraising for the rapid growth of the DynaCrop service. Measuring our positive impact has become one of the company's key priorities. We have taken part in 5 major Agricultural events, including Agritechnica and World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in London.