Smart Agriculture

We are developing EO DynaCrop service for farmers. Combining satellite and open data and translating results to understandable language, ready for your Farm Management Software.

We offer:

  • NDVI maps (1-4x/ month)
  • Senescence maps (1-4x/ month)
  • Cropping zoning of fields
  • Time-laps analysis 2 to 10 years back
  • Anomalies monitoring


Real information

We use real information sensed by satellites and combine it with drought monitoring and weather forecasts. Farmers can observe the real state of their fields once in 10 to 15 days.

Risk alerts

Using special alerts, we bring essential information when it is necessary, not when farmers seek it.

Affordable price

We believe that the benefits should be available for small and medium scale farmers, therefore, we set up affordable price for everyone.

Growing market

Benefits from Copernicus program in agriculture sector are estimated to 9.2-13.7 (EUR million) and expected average annual growth rate of Copernicus benefits is +38% up to 2020.