Simple info from satellite data

Smart cities and smart villages

Helping cities to see the bigger picture. Bringing regular information on what is going on.
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Regular information

We provide a new kind of information into the smart city ecosystem. Your city is constantly monitored by satellites and subsequently assessed by both officials and citizens.

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Urban vegetation

We monitor volume and current state of urban vegetation and quantify the change. Inter-annual analysis help us to distinguish between random anomalies and long-term trends.

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Web applications

Interactive web applications are great tool to include public into your smart city agenda. Share the results of your work with the people who are interested.

PR materials

Would you like to have a poster or postcard with the satellite images of your municipality or any other place on the planet? Let us know.

We are ready to help you integrate EU Copernicus data to your H2020 project or research idea. We act both as project partner and subcontractor. Do you have a new idea? Let us know about your vision and we can prepare the project proposal together.

About us

Analyzing reality, not statistics.

World from Space is a start-up company from Brno, Czech Republic, incubated by the ESA BIC Brno.

Our key areas of interests are drought and vegetation monitoring. We provide initial analysis, propose mitigation and adaptation measures and monitor their results. Our cooperation with 3 major cities in the Czech Republic gives us opportunity to grow.

  • Focused on Copernicus data

  • Revolution technology for municipalities

  • Satellite info for your software

  • ESA tenders, H2020 projects, etc.


Working hard to make progress

Roman Bohovic

Co- founder
Roman is remote sensing expert focused on vegetation monitoring from Earth observations. He has worked in land surface phenology research with vegetation metrics and crop drought impact.

Jan Labohý

Jan has background in environmental sociology and communication studies, long term work in field of climate change mitigation and adaptation, and campaigning (i.e. Director of Earth Hour Czech Rep.).

Mikuláš Muroň

Data analyst
Mikuláš is young and promising data analyst & data visualization expert. He is experienced in data mining, data visualization and spatial terms processing in unstructured text.

Our clients

our main partners

World from Space participates in the ESA Business Incubation Centre Prague.